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if loving county were not organized as a county what happens to the county population


Then they would be in some other County. Like all States that have Counties, every square inch of Texas has to be in exactly one County - no more and no fewer.


"in exactly one county" --- this may be true of Texas, but many cities are in no county at all (Baltimore, St. Louis, Carson City NV, and many cities in Virginia, among others). Many other cities are in more than one county (Columbia SC and Huntington WV just being two). In Connecticut, counties exist geographically but have no government of their own. I don't think there are any states that have land parcels that are considered to be in more than one county at the same time.

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Q: If Loving County were not organized as a county what happens to the county population?
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What is the Lowest populated county east of Mississippi?

The lowest populated county east of the Mississippi River is Loving County in Texas. As of the 2020 Census, Loving County had a population of only about 62 people.

What is the smallest county in population in the US?

Loving County, TX had 60 residents as of the 2006 census. That's got to be one of the smallest counties around

What is the population of Loving County Texas?

2008 estimate- 42 people

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An example of a developing county is Loving County, Texas. Population of 67 and only one business.

What is the smallest county population in Texas?

Loving County, population hovering at a little less than 100. It's the least-populated county in the country.

When was Loving County Courthouse created?

Loving County Courthouse was created in 1935.

What US county shows the largest demographic potential for the Libertarian party to grow to a simple majority?

Loving County, TX. With a total population of 82 (as of the 2010 census), at most 83 people with the same political leanings is all that would be required to obtain a simple majority of 50% + 1. Of course, the population figure includes 13 or so minors, so the real number may be closer to 70 depending on immigration to and emigration from the county. In addition, this analysis does not include the number of Libertarian party members already residing in Loving County or in any other county.

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Richard Perry Loving was born on October 29, 1933, in Central Point Caroline County, Virginia, USA.

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i have no idea why do you want to know is it homeowrk i bet it is