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no because one of the amendments are "all rights not stated in the constitution are hereby given to the states or the people"

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Q: If a right is not listed in the Constitution does this mean you don't have that right?
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What is an example of what the people have the right to do in the 9th amendment?

It states that there are certain rights listed in the Constitution, but that does not mean that there aren't other rights that the people have that are not listed. Such rights could include the right to take a shower and other silly thigs like that. Because they are so small, the founding fathers didnt see a need to include them in the constitution, but at the same time, they didntwantit to be said that people dont "have the right to shower", so they said though somerights may not be listed, they are still given to the people ofthe united states of america. these rights are reffered to as Unenumerated Rights

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What makes something a right when dealing with constitution and rights?

ANYTHING issued as a right or is IMPLIED as a right within the Bill of Rights. An IMPLIED right is privacy, NO WHERE in the Constitution is privacy listed as a right; however, the U.S. S.C. had implied privacy as a right such as the 4th amendment when pertaining to search and seizures and also as recognized by the U.S.S.C. in Roe v Wade in the abortion issue (privacy) and also in Griswold v. Connecticut (marital contraception issues) and many more. Just because you do NOT view the word RIGHT in the area of the constitution you are viewing, DOES NOT mean you have no right. The U.S. Supreme Court has made NUMEROUS rulings giving citizens rights that were never listed or implied in the Constitution.

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Explain the ninth amendment for fifth grade kids?

All powers not explicitly given to the Federal Government are allocated to the States, unless the Constitution prohibits those powers from the States, in which case the power remains a "natural right" of the citizenry. In short, for a specific Power: (1) the Federal government can exercise it if the Constitution says it belongs to the Federal government. (2) if the power isn't directly given to the Federal Government, then the State has it (3) however, if the Constitution prohibits the States from having a power, and does not give it to the Federal government, then that power remains a "reserved" right of the people - that is, the people retain this power, and it cannot be modified or challenged by the Federal or State government.