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food- anything with MSG, it treats people quite horrible

animal- cat, talk about a snotty animal

number- 3, because one is left alone

shape- a triangle, for the same reason

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Q: If prejudice was an animal food number and shape what would they be?
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When did prejudice start in the US?

Prejudice seems to be part of human nature. It's a way in which we assert that "we" are better than "they" are. Perhaps it's a justification for "us" taking things from "them", perhaps it's just a way of reinforcing the bonds that keep one "tribe" together. People need to live in groups, and defining who is and who is not part of the group, seems to lead to prejudice. I'd guess that some of the tribes which we now think of as "native" to the area of the modern US thought that they were superior to other tribes. There have been traces of earlier ethnic groups, and the newcomers probably thought badly of them. Prejudice was not invented in Europe, and would not have arrived in the "New World" with them. Prejudice has always been in America even before it became the US. If it wasn't the settlers and the slaves it was different Indian tribes or tribes and explorers.

Can a judge rules a case if is friend with plantiff?

A Judge who believes that he is biased should recuse themselves. If the Judge believes that he can fairly adjudicate the case, then he can; but most would not simply to avoid any appearance of prejudice.

What animal did Abraham Lincoln kill that made him never hunt again?

When Abe Lincoln was a child he killed a bear and vowed that he would never hunt or kill another animal again.

What did the detractors of the constitution list as its shortcomingsFederalist Papers (Number 85)?

The detractors of the constitution listed a number of shortcomings in Federalist Papers (Number 85). They argued that the constitution would lead to the consolidation of power in the central government, that it would grant too much power to the president, and that it would allow the wealthy to unduly influence the government.

How did the First Nation prepare their fur?

the first nations would first kill the animal then take all the guts and blood out and then wash it with water.

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How would you classify a animal bone?

Observe the shape and how big it is.

What Shape has no straight lines but has 2 rotation symmetry?

You can imagine any number of shapes that have these properties. A simple shape would be an elipse.You can imagine any number of shapes that have these properties. A simple shape would be an elipse.You can imagine any number of shapes that have these properties. A simple shape would be an elipse.You can imagine any number of shapes that have these properties. A simple shape would be an elipse.

What shape is a red foxes body?

How would you describe the shape if the animal pictured above? This image is of a red fox.

Is a vacuole an oval shape in an animal cell?

In animal cells vacuoles are generally sphere-shaped. An organelle that is shaped like an oval in an animal cell would be the mitochondria.

What would happen without vacuoles?

well if an animal cell didnt have one then it will have an odd shape

What information would you need to tell how large the dinosaur was who made the tracks?

You would need to know the size of the tracks and the shape. The shape would tell you what general type it was. From that, you could look at the size of the footprint and calculate the size of the animal based on the ratio of the foot to the rest of the body for that type of animal.

What would not be considered prejudice?

Treating all individuals with respect and fairness, regardless of their background, would not be considered prejudice. Encouraging diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of life is also a way to avoid prejudice.

Paul Robeson supported the idea that?

artistic achievement would help end prejudice

What is the name of a 100 sided shape?

Centigon would have to be the name of a shape with 100 sides. There is no official name but you would use the prefix of the number, which in this case is "centi-".

How would animal be different if they had chloroplasts and cell wall?

Animal cells would be different if they had chloroplasts and cell walls because they would have a regular shape due to the cell wall. Be green in color and able to photosynthesize due to the chloroplasts.

What would happen to the animal and animal cell if there was no cell membrane?

Then the cell wouldn't keep it's shape and wouldn't be able to hold everything together inside of the cells. And the animal wouldn't have any cells.

Did prejudice begin in the days of Jesus?

No: prejudice has always existed. It would be unfair to suggest that it developed within Christianity.