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No. The President's term ends at the date and time it is supposed to and a declaration of war prior to that does not permit the president to serve longer.

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Q: If the president is at the end of their last term and congress declares war can that president serve an extra term?
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Are the duties of Congress?

Congress proposes and ratifies laws and amendments. Congress declares war. They make laws, represent their constituents, and serve on committees. Congress decides how to spend our money and shapes foreign policy.

Who was the first president who have not serve in congress?

Howard Kensly

How do congress and the president serve in the legislature process?

by veto

Who was the first president that had not serve in congress?

Barack Obama

Over what part of congress does the vice president serve as president?

One of the few constitutional duties of the Vice-President is to serve as President of the US Senate.

How many years do cabinet members serve?

Cabinet members are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Congress. They serve at the pleasure of the President and can be dismissed or quit at any time.

The executive powers given to congress by the constitution serve as checks balances between the senate and?

The president

Who appoints the federal judges to serve for life?

The president nominates a person who must be approved by congress.

Who assumes the Vice-President's duties if he dies or can no longer serve?

The President appoints a replacement, who must be approved by both houses of Congress.

Was clement vallandigham the vice president of the US?

No, he was not vice president or even a governor. He did serve two terms in Congress and ran for governor of Ohio.

Who was the only former president elected to congress?

John Quincy Adams was the only ex-president to serve in House of Representative. Andrew Johnson was elected to the US Senate after he was President. John Tyler served in the Confederate Congress.

What is the constitutionally defined role of the vice president?

To serve as President if the current one is unable. And to act as an extra vote if the legislators come to a tie for a bill.