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A special election can be held or the governor can appoint someone to the office. They serve what is left of the term.

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Q: If us senator dies or resigns in Minnesota who replaces him and for how long?
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What happens if the president dies or resigns?

If the president dies or resigns, the vice president takes over his job for the remaining years/job.

Becomes president if the president dies or resigns?

the vice president.

Who succeeds the president if the vice president dies or resigns?

if the president dies then the vice president will succeeds

What instance that a pope is replaced?

The pope is replaced when he dies or retires or resigns.

Is Mike Pence really the president?

No, unless Trump dies or resigns.

He or she calls an election if a senator dies in office?

The governor calls an election if a senator dies in office.

Which president was replacement after he dies?

The person who replaces the president after he dies is the Vice President.

How many years may a pope serve?

Unless he resigns, he serves until he dies.

Who replaces old major place when he dies?


If the current president dies who replaces him?

The vice president.

When will Stephen Harper stop being Prime Minister of Canada?

When he dies, loses government, or resigns.

When might the duties of the president devolve on the vice president?

If the President dies or if he resigns. Also If he is impeached.