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If you are charged with reckless driving, your case will most likely be presented to a

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The number of points on your license or how many previous offenses you have committed will determine where your case is tried.

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Grand jury

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Q: If you are charged with reckless driving your case will most likely be presented to a A.court of general jurisdiction B. criminal court C. court of limited jurisdiction D. grand jury?
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If you're charged with reckless driving your case will most likely be presented to a?

If you're charged with reckless driving your case will most likely be presented to a court of limited jurisdiction. A court of limited jurisdiction deals only with certain types of cases like bankruptcy, family matters, etc. This is as opposed to courts with general jurisdiction.

If you are charged with reckless driving your case will most likely be presented to a?

criminal courtAdded: While the above answer IS correct in that it would be prosecuted in the Criminal Division of the court, most court systems (except perhaps for small jurisdictions) usually have a separate Traffic Division of the court which specifically hears traffic-related offenses.Added:In Penn Foster exams, the answer would be a court of limited jurisdiction.

How much is a 100 MPH speeding ticket in a 50 MPH zone?

It'll vary by jurisdiction, but such a flagrant violation will always constitute more than a simple speeding ticket - you'll also be charged with reckless driving and/or reckless endangerment, and other criminal charges may apply.

Does a person have a record if charged wet reckless in California?

They would not necessarily have a criminal record but they WOULD have a DMV record of the offense.

What moral principle is involved when a car driver who is involved in an accident is charged with reckless imprudence causing damage to property?

It is criminal law: society's response to actions that are criminal or negligent.

Is reckless driving a felony in CA?

Reckless driving is a misdemeanor in California, not a felony. However, if reckless driving results in bodily injury or property damage, it can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the circumstances.

What kind of misdemeanor is vandalism?

Texas does not have a vandalism charge. Someone can be charged with criminal mischief, reckless damage or destruction, or graffiti. So it depends on the dollar amount damaged and/or what was damaged.

What is meant by Court of Limited Jurisdiction?

A Court of Limited Jurisdiction is a court that only has authority to hear specific types of cases, usually with lower monetary limits or less severe offenses. These courts handle issues like traffic violations, small claims, and municipal ordinance violations. They do not have the authority to hear more complex or serious criminal and civil cases.

What kind of charges do you have to have to be charged with the habitual criminal act?

Depending on the jurisdiction you are in it may vary. It is usually referred to as something like "The 3-strikes rule," meaning that after the conviction of certain number of crimes you are deemed to be a habitual criminal.

What happens to a 27 year old if he gets a 16 year old pregnant?

He is now responsible for raising a child. Depending on the laws of that jurisdiction, he may be charged with criminal sexual conduct.

What leader during the Kosovo crisis was eventually charged as a war criminal?

Slobodan Milosevic was charged as a war criminal.

In a criminal case are you charged as a minor at 19?

No. You are charged as an adult.