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Texas. It has some (very dated) experience in being independent, they are currently actively agitating for secession, and nobody wants them anyway...

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Q: If you could remove any of the 50 states which state would it be and why?
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What would the other states do in the even one state was attacked?

If one state attacked the other, it could cause another Civil War. States would most likely either debate it out in Congress or cause a war.

How would the life of man be affected when the changes of states of matter do not exist?

There could be no life if matter could not change state. Water vapor could not exist, so there would be no rain,

can i remove DUI charges from my record?

This really varies from state to state and case by case. In some states, attending classes can help lower your sentence but it depends. I would contact an attorney about what options you have.

How would a state separate from the US?

In a practical sense, a state cannot secede. I have heard it said that a state would need the permission of the other 49 states to secede. In theory, 75% of the states could ratify a constitutional amendment allowing - say - California to secede. That amendment would be the supremem law of the land, and no federal action contrary to the amendment would be allowed.

What are some cool US states to do reports on?

The states with the most exciting information to do a report on are generally the most populous ones. This would include states such as California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois. Other states that could be exiting to do a report on are states that are considerably famous for a particular aspect or event. This would include states such as Alaska (the largest state), Hawaii (the island state), Rhode Island (the smallest state), Michigan (home of the American automobile industry), and Tennessee (the home for country music industry). All states have their perks, and a report on any state could be cool and interesting. Just do enough information to make it interesting.

Why was it threatening to the US that one or more of the states could declare that they would disregard federal legislation?

Because it would make one state superior to another.

Who would have been happier with their representation in the house small states or large states and why?

Unlike the Senate where every state receives two representatives, House representation is based on state population. So, more populated states would receive more representatives than less populated states.

Who is the head leader of a state?

By state, one could mean "nation-state" or "US State". If you're asking nation-state, then it would depend upon the government of that state. If you mean a US State, then it would be a governor. Four US States are actually defined commonwealths, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Virginia.

Who would have been happier with their representations in the house small or large states?

In the House of Representatives, the number of delegates a state has is based on its population. The states with larger populations would, therefore, have greater representation and could be said to be happier with the system than states with smaller populations.

Which type of state would be in the majority in the territories that would presumably become states?

Slave states.

What major problem had to be solved during the constitutional convention between the large state and the small state and what was the solution?

Small states feared that they would be dominated by larger states, whose larger populations could outvote them. The solution was to create a Senate in which each state will have two Senators, regardless of the population of the state.

What is the largest number of electoral votes a state could possibly have?

Unless new states are added or some other change is made in the size of Congress,the answer is 388. This would occur if 49 states had only the minimum 3 and some one state got the rest. Such a state would always elects the President and control the House but would still get only two votes in the Senate.