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no or yes but more on the no side

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Q: If you missed the last presedential election can you vote in the next one?
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When was the last general election in Antigua?

The last general election in Antigua was four years ago. Next year it will be five years until the next general election.

If you missed your last period but got your next one what does that mean?

It just means that you missed a period

When is next Russian presidential election?

The next Russian presidential election is in 2018. The Russian president serves for a term of 6 years at a time (the last election was in March of 2012).

How often do Americans elect presidents?

Every 4 years, our last election was in 2012, so our next election will be in 2016.

If the last presidential election was in 2000when will the next one take place?


If the last presidential election was in 2000 when will the next one take place?


When was the last time the super bowl winner missed the playoffs the next season?

The Steelers in 2007

Does New Zealand have elections?

Yes, every three years there are elections for parliament (the next election is due this year, the last one was in 2008), and elections for local government (the next election is due in 2013, the last one was in 2010).

When was Australia's last election held?

The last federal election was held in Australia on August 21st, 2010, after a month long campaign, resulting in a Parliament with a mandate to serve until September 27th, 2013 (making the last possible date for the next election November 30th, 2013).

If the last presidential election was in 2000 when will the next election take place?

Presidential elections take place every four years. There was an election in 2004 (George Bush beat John Kerry) and in 2008 (Barack Obama beat John McCain). The next election will be in 2012.

What is the year of the next president election?

As I write this, the 2012 election has concluded, so the next election for president will be in 2016.

When is the next government election?

The next government election in the United States will be in 2016.