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returned to mount vernon, hoping to return to private life

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Q: Immediately after the war George Washington?
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Who was the president immediately following the Revolutionary War?

George Washington became the president immediately right after the Revolutionary War in the United States. He is also considered as one of the founding fathers of the United States.

Why did George Washington fight in the civil war?

No, George Washington fought in the American Revolutionary War.

What war was going on when George Washington was a kid?

The war that George Washington Carver was in is the Civil War

What war did George Washington fight in for Washington?

the war of war of Independence

When did George Washington win freedom in war?

George Washington won freedom in war in 1812

Who fought in the seven year war?

George Washington

Was George Washingtion was in war?

George Washington was a general in the Revolutionary War.

Who was the war hero who would later become president?

George Washington

Who was the Commander-in-Chief of American forces in the Revolutionary War?

George Washington.

Who was the commander in chief of American forces during the ametican war of independence?

General George Washington In the United States this war is known as "The Revolutionary War"

George Washington was the leader of what war?

the revolutionary war

What did George Washington do in the war?

He was the general