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George Washington had a Secretary of War, Henry Knox, instead of a Secretary of Defense.

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Q: Who was George Washington's Secretary of Defense?
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Has vice president cheney ever been secretary of defense previously?

Dick Cheney. He was the secretary of Defense under George H. W. Bush and vice president under George W. Bush.

How long did George Marshall Serve Secratary of defense?

United States Secretary of Defense (1950-1951),

Who was not in the Washingtons 1st cabinet?

Thomas Jefferson was not in George Washington's 1st cabinet. Jefferson served as the United States' first Secretary of State under President Washington's successor, John Adams.

Who was George Washingtons Secretary of the Treasury?

Alexander Hamilton was the first choice as George Washington's Secretary of the Treasury. Hamilton set up the tax and banking system of the new United States.

Who was in George Washingtons first cabinet?

Secretary of State: Thomas Jefferson Secretary of Treasury: Alexander Hamilton Secretary of War: Henry Knox Attorney General: Edmund Jennings Randolph

What was the name of President George Bush's failed nominee for secretary of defense?

John Tower Former Senator John Tower was rejected as Bush's nominee for defense secretary.

Who is the minister of the department of defense?

In the United States the title is Secretary. Robert Michael Gates has been the U.S. Secretary of Defense since December of 2006, when he was sworn in under President George W. Bush.

Who was George Washingtons Secretary of Treasury?

Alexander Hamilton, former confident and aide de camp of George Washington became his Secretary of the Treasury in 1789. Unfortunately, he resigned his post when news of an extra-marital affair he had been involved in came to light.

Who is the Secretary of the Department of Defense?

The Secretary of Defense is Robert Gates.

What was some of George Washingtons child hood?

what was George washingtons child live like

Is George Washingtons single?

No, George Washington is not single.

What is George Washingtons's full name?

George Washington.