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Q: In 1932 who shifted political power to the Democratic Party when he was elected?
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Who shifted political power to the Democratic Party when he was elected?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

What is a political party when you are elected president?

A democratic party, as you have been voted to power by fair means.

Who was the first democratic president?

The first president to be elected by the Democratic Party was Andrew Jackson. The Democratic Party arose from the earlier Democratic-Republican Party, and many Democrats see its beginnings there. The first president elected by the Democratic-Republican Party was Thomas Jefferson. The word "democrat," with a small 'd,' denotes a political process rather than a political party. So the question, without capitalization, asks who was the first democratically elected president; this was, of course, George Washington, if you are asking about the presidents of the United States.

What political party did Grover Cleveland represent?

Grover Cleveland was a member of the Democratic party. In fact, he was the first Democrat elected from the new Democratic Party formed after the Civil War.

The political party to which Hillary Clinton belongs is?

the Democratic Party.

What political party is Tennessee republican or democratic?


What party used political machines to attract immigrants voters?

the democratic party

Which party use political machines to attract immigrant voters?

Democratic party

What political Party influences a political campaign?

The Democratic Party calls millions of citizens to remind them to vote for the Democratic candidate.

What is the Modern democratic party?

Today's democratic party is liberal socialist. We are no longer a Capitalist society and have shifted to step away from Communism.

Political party's have control over what party?

Democratic Party

What party was Bako Christine Abia elected?

The party that elected Bako Christine Abia was the Forum for Democratic Change party.