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Q: In 1968 the candidate who claimed to speak for the silent majority and middle America was?
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Why do Mayas still live in Middle America?

Mayas still live in Middle America because, the had there cities claimed , and there religious temples.

What countries are considered part of middle America?

America IS a country of it's own. It is made up of States,,,50 of them. "Middle America" is a term to describe the average American based on economics. The majority of Americans make up "middle America:.

Who made up silent majority of Americans that President Richard Nixon claimed to represent?

the middle class

Who made up the silent majority of the Americans that President Richard Nixon claimed to represent?

your qus is really good i also think so gorgbet

What religion did Africans have before they went to America?

Depends.. In North of African, the majority are Muslims with a minority of Christians, Jews and some minor religions.. While in Middle and some of South of Africa, the majority are the Christians, but you can say most of Africans were/are Christians before they went to America.

South America is called Middle America?

There is North America, Central (or Middle) America, and South America. Central (Middle) America is associated with North America.

Middle class courted by Nixon?

Silent Majority

Who were the Silent Majority?

Middle class.

Is columbia in middle America?

Colombia is sometimes included in Middle America.

How do you put middle America in a sentence?

Simple. I live in Middle America.

What is Mesoamericans?

"Meso" means middle. Mesoamerica is middle America, from southern Mexico to northern South america

Where is the majority of Muslims locate?

Middle East