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Mr. Paterson’s current office would remain unfilled until the 2010 election, as the constitution makes no provision for filling a vacancy in the lieutenant governor’s office. Under those circumstances, Mr. Bruno would “perform all the duties of the lieutenant-governor” until a new one is elected in 2010. Those duties include acting as governor when the nominal office-holder is out of the state.

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Q: In New York state who will become Lt governor if current Lt governor takes over as governor?
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In Alaska state who will become Lt governor if current Lt governor takes over as governor?

It would have been the secretary of state of Alaska

If the governor dies who becomes president?

The Secretary of State assumes the power of the Governor when the current Governor dies, resigns, or leaves office for other reasons. The current Secretary of State in Arizona is Jan Brewer, a Republican. The current Governor of Arizona is Janet Napolitano, a Democrat, who is currently being considered to become part of President-Elect Obama's cabinet.

How does a governor's warrent work?

A governor takes care of a state.

Who takes office at the state level if the governor of Louisiana is unable to lead?

lieutenant governor

Who becomes The Acting Governor of a State after the death or post vacant of The Governor in india?

The Chief Justice of The High Court of the same State takes over the Charge.

What official takes place if the governor is unable to act?

If the governor is unable to act, the lieutenant governor typically assumes the duties of the governor. If the lieutenant governor is also unable to act, a specific line of succession outlined in the state's constitution or laws would come into play to designate the next official to take over.

What takes place before the bill can become a law?

The governor decides whether to sign or veto the bill.

Who takes over after the Governor of Idaho dies while in office?

According to the Idaho Lieutenant Governor's website (refer to the link, below), the Lt. Gov. would take over as Governor in the event that the Governor leaves the State or is incapacitated or worse.

How is the path a bill takes to become a law similar in a state legislature and the national Congress?

Many states modeled their own governments after the federal example, so the path a bill takes in order to become law is similar at the state and national levels. Bills are proposed and voted on by both Houses of Congress and are sent to the President at the federal level or the Governor at the state level to be signed if they are passed by both houses. They are then either signed into law or vetoed.

Who takes over if the governor cannot complete their term?

The Lieutenant Governor takes over if the Governor cannot complete the term.

What are the duties of the lieutenant governor of california?

The Lt. Gov. presides over the Senate, and takes the place of the Gov. if Gov. is unable to serve.

What is the term a governor takes?

It depends on where. In the U. S., the length of a governor's term is two years in New Hampshire and Vermont and four years in every other state.