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A preemptive strike is a first strike which is intended to cripple the opponent's ability to respond. It is taken when it is believed that the opponent is preparing to strike. It often implies nuclear warhead usage.

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Q: In foreign policy what is a preemptive strike?
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The new military policy in which war is declared on a country without its having first attacked America is called?

preemptive strike

What is a sentence for the word preemptive?

The U.S. launched a preemptive strike against the taliban to prevent terrorism.

What are the ratings and certificates for Airboss II Preemptive Strike - 1998?

Airboss II Preemptive Strike - 1998 is rated/received certificates of: Germany:16

What is preemptive war?

Preemptive war, or preemptive anything, is where you strike first instead of waiting to be struck. Larger countries tend to let themselves be struck first, while smaller countries tend to strike preemptively.

What was bush doctrine?

foreign policy based on the idea that the united states should take preemptive action against threats to its national security

What is preemptive?

It means to do something first. Such as attacking the enemy before you think they are about to attack you, i.e.' "We did a preemptive strike against the enemy."

What is the adjective of infant?

Infantile. Any rationale supporting a preemptive nuclear strike seems infantile.

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Foreign policy is policy that deals with foreign affairs.

What is the Foreign policy is the?

What is the current foreign policy WHERE? (in the US) The President is responsible for foreign policy.

Which president moved away from prevention and preemption to the foreign policy tools of negotiation and diplomacy?

Barack Obama moved away from prevention and preemption to the foreign policy tools of negotiation and diplomacy. A key concept underlying President George W. Bush's National Security Strategy (NSS), issued 20 September 2002, was that of "preemption," defined as "preemptive and preventive action."

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Purpose of foreign policy

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