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Q: In the Revolutionary War what are the wins and losses?
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What is a better record 9 wins 5 losses or 8 wins 4 losses and 2 ties?

.560 for 9 wins 5 losses and .500 for 8 wins 4 losses and 2 ties.

How many battle deaths did the Americans suffer in the revolutionary war?

they only suffered two losses

Who wins the American Revolutionary War?

France, Spain, and the Dutch Republic helped the Americans win the Revolutionary War. The US set up their first Army during the Revolutionary War and it was set up and trained by British troops who had turned on their own country.

A provision of the terms of peace ending the revolutionary war that was never fulfilled was?

compensation to the loyalists for the property losses

21 wins to 9 losses in simplest form?

7 wins to 3 losses

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Why are there 4 numbers in a hockey teams record Wins losses ties and what?

Before the NHL lockout, there were four categories; Wins, Losses, Ties, and Overtime Losses. Since the lockout there are now only three categories; Wins, Losses, and Overtime losses (which include shootout losses)

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EAST DIVISION Atlanta Braves 77 wins 58 losses .570 percentage Philadelphia Phillies 73 wins 62 losses .541 percentage Florida Marlins 71 wins 63 losses .530 percentage New York Mets 69 wins 65 losses .515 percentage Washington Nationals 69 wins 66 losses .511 percentage CENTRAL DIVISION St Louis Cardinals 85 wins 50 losses .630 percentage Houston Astros 72 wins 62 losses .537 percentage Milwaukee Brewers 66 wins 69 losses .489 percentage Chicago Cubs 64 wins 70 losses .478 percentage Cincinnati Reds 62 wins 72 losses .463 percentage Pittsburgh Pirates 55 wins 79 losses .410 percentage WEST DIVISION San Diego Padres 67 wins 67 losses .500 percentage Los Angeles Dodgers 61 wins 73 losses .455 percentage San Francisco Giants 60 wins 73 losses .451 percentage Arizona Diamondbacks 61 wins 75 losses .449 percentage Colorado Rockies 53 wins 81 losses .396 percentage

Total wins and losses 2009 season?

In the 2009 season the Bears had Seven wins and Nine losses.

How many playoff wins vs playoff losses does john elway have?

13 wins and 8 losses

Wins losses uf vs fsu while bobby bowden was coach?

17 Wins AND 17 Losses

The Santa Ana Cardinals had a record of 25 wins to 15 losses What was the ratio of wins to losses?

5 to 3