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Brian indicates that he is finished talking on the radio and that he is ready to listen by saying "over" after he talks is the answer.

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Q: In the book hatchet how does Brian indicate he is done talking and ready to listen?
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How does Brian indicate that he is finished talking on the radio and that he is ready to listen?

Brian uses the phrase "over" to indicate that he has finished speaking and is ready to listen on the radio.

What does Brian see when he dives in to the lake?

his hatchet sticking out of the muck (if your talking about the part when he drops his hatchet while trying to break into the plane)

In the book 'Hatchet' where is the plane talking Brian and why?

the plane was taking brian to his dad. his mom and dad are divorced and his mom has custody of him.

What does brian have with him hatchet?

Brian had a Hatchet that his mother gave him.

What did brian in the hatchet have in his pocket?

A hatchet

What was around Brian Robesan when he crashed the plane in the book Hatchet?

He was in the middle of the Canadian Wilderness, if that's what you're talking about..

Where did Brian in the book Hatchet get his Hachet?

Where did Brian in the book Hatchet get his Hatchet

What season is Brian rescued in the book Hatchet?

Brian is rescued in the fall season in the book Hatchet.

How does brian use his hatchet in the book hatchet?


In Hatchet how did Brian chip his Hatchet?

Brian was sleeping when a porcupine wandered in.It was dark,and Brian couldn't see what it was,so he threw his hatchet,missed,and hit the hatchet on the rocky wall of his shelter,causing a nick in his hatchet.

What chapter did Brian drop the hatchet in to the lake Hatchet?

Brian drops the hatchet into the lake in Chapter 13 of the book "Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen. This moment marks a significant turning point in Brian's survival journey as he realizes he can live without the hatchet.

What tool is Brian wearing on his belt in the book hatchet?

What is Brian wearing on his BELT in Hatchet chapter 1