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well he is a tall young man name Brian Robeson. He has dark brown eyes and short blond hair. He lives in New York City and is the only child in his family.

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he is a wimpy 13 year old boy

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Q: What are Brian's physical descriptions in the book Hatchet?
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Who is brians teacher in the book hatchet?

Mr. Perpich

When did Gary paulsen wright the book Brians winter?

to make money as if brian had not been saved in the book hatchet

Where does brians mom live in the book Hatchet?

Brian's mom lives in Hampton, New York.

What is brians parents names?

The names of Brian's parents are not provided in the book "Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen.

What does brians shelter look like hatchet?

The is a certain cover that showers and illustration of him on the book. He has brown hair and a white shirt on.

What did brians bear do for a hobie in the book hatchet?

In the book "Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen, Brian's bear buddy helped him feel less lonely and provided comfort. The bear became a symbol of survival and companionship for Brian during his time alone in the wilderness.

What is another book like Hunger Games?

There are the sequels or there is Rescue Josh McGuire, by Ben Mikaelsen.(hatchet is my favorite book!)

In the book hatchet where did brians father live?

Brian's father lived in New York City before Brian's plane crash in Hatchet.

What is the name of brians mom and dad names in hatchet?

Brian's mom's name is Marie and his dad's name is Peter.

What are all the books in the hatchet seiries?

The Hatchet series, written by Gary Paulsen, includes the following books in order: "Hatchet," "The River," "Brian's Winter," "Brian's Return," "Brian's Hunt," and "Brian's Saga." These books follow the adventures of Brian Robeson as he learns to survive in the wilderness after a plane crash.

Who is brians best and most valuable asset in the book hatchet?

In the book "Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen, Brian's most valuable asset is his determination and resilience. Despite facing numerous challenges and dangers in the wilderness, his ability to remain focused, adapt, and persist in his efforts to survive proves to be his greatest strength.

What are the weaknesses in the book Incantation by Alice Hoffman?

There is a significant lack of physical descriptions throughout the book.