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professional and service area professional and service area

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Q: In the last fifty years the fastest growing part of the work force in the US has been?
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In the next ten years what will be the fastest growing career cluster?

One of the fastest careers in the next 10 years will likely be doctors. With the new ACA, many programs will be forced to change how long it takes to become a doctor in order to keep up with the demand for doctors.

What is the term for half a century?

"Semicentennial" means 50th anniversary. A "Jubilee Year" is the fiftieth year when counting and a "Semicentury" is the period of fifty years of time.

Was ameirca one of the first nations to abolish slavery?

No, America abolished slavery in 1860, and the abolition would not havve happened if it had not been for Lincoln. 1860 was late, as Britain abolished slavery in 1807, fifty three years before the British

How did the early settlers get over the mountains?

The trail from the Appalachian mountains to West of Virginia was narrow and rough. It could be traversed only on horseback or on foot owing to its steepness. This was the Wilderness Road and was used by the early settlers for about fifty years.

Who was Anthony Johnson?

Anthony Johnson indentured servant or a slave in virgina 1621 anthony was refered to" Antonio a negro ". He nearly lost his life in 1622 Powhatan indians were threatened by tabacco plantation owners they planned a attack on a friday by the middle of the day over, three hundred fifty people had already died. Seaveral years later, he maried mary a negro some years later he had growned 250 acers of land. Athony lived a long lucky life but had died by a deasease and violently died by the natives

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What is the fastest growing age group?

85 years and older is the fastest growing age group.

In ten years who is going to be the fastest growing religion?

Well, the source i know is that by 2023, Islam will be the fastest growing religion..but its in 14 years...close to 10 though

The fastest growing form of mass media in recent years?

The internet.

What is the fastest an Airman can make CMSgt in the Air Force?

14 years.

Fastest growing sport in the NCAA over the last 5 years?

lacrosse Lax

What is the fastest growing fruit?

papaya trees can be pretty enormous and fruit full in three years

What is the growth potential for massage therapy?

It has been the fastest growing field in health care for the past ten years.

What will happen with Baha'i in the future?

It will grow to solve this word's problems, that is why Baha'i is the fastest growing religion in the word for last several years

Is Weight Watchers the fastest growing organization in the world?

Good question, since Weight Watchers has been around for over 40 years. I think they consider themselves one of the fastest shrinking organisations in the world.

What is the 8th fastest growing water sport in the world?

It was, in the 90's, football, but in the past 10 years, soccer and Lacrosse have taken the reigns as the fastest growing sport, both projected to have a HUGE market with in the next 20 years.

Do teens learn better than adults?

according to studies teens learn much better than adults due to the brain growing fastest in child years and teen years

What is the population of Inverness?

The population has grown a lot over the past ten years and is one of the fastest growing citys in Scotland with the population around 75,000 +