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Hey, I think it's Legislatures

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Q: In the new state governments created during the Revolution power was concentrated in the?
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The state governments set up during the revolution reflected the American belief in the?

The necessity for a written constitution to define citizens' rights and to limit the governments power.

What did the political commissar do during the French Revolution?

The political commissar was an employee of the Russian federal government. They were present during the French Revolution to oversee the military and ensure the governments control over the military.

What form of governments did England establish during the glorious revolution?

the form of government England established during the glorious revolution was a constitutional monarchy. which means the powers of the ruler are restricted by the constitution and the laws of the country.

What characteristics did all state governments created during the 1770s and 1780s share?

your mother

Which key inventions were created during the time of the Industrial Revolution?

The most important invention during the Industrial Revolution is the steam engine. Also the telegraph was a really important tool which was invented during the Industrial Revolution.

What statement best describes the governments of the different colonies before the American Revolution?

The governments of the thirteen colonies were very independent of each other before the American Revolution. There was not a great deal of unity between the colonies. During the American Revolution, the colonies had to work together in order to defeat the British. The statement is 'They were very independent of each other.'

What new machine was introduced in France in the french revolution?

printing press was created by johannes guttenburg during the French revolution

What Inventions were created during the agriculture revolution?

Cotton gin and grasshopper plows

What group was the first government created during the french revolution?

National Assembly.

Why and when was Thailand created?

It was made during a revolution when the people were breaking free from the Monarchy

What french document created during the French Revolution is similar to the ZAmerican Declaration of Independence?

The document was created when the France revolution started and ended to declare who won and peace

What two important changes made during the Age of Revolution?

One important change that took place during the Age of Revolution happened in Latin America when slaves finally revolted. Another was the change of multiple governments from monarchies to constitutional-type republics and states.