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Slanting Information. (Apex)

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i got a 90 but i this one is correct
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Q: In what One way news organizations can influence people is by?
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Key people or organizations in the selections of judges include?

if you are talking about judges for the supreme court then under Article II of the US constitution it states the powers and duties of the president. one of those powers is to appoint judges to the supreme court

One theory concerning media influence in politics suggests?

That the media reports on news events with a pre-conceived bias. MSNBC and Fox are accused of having a heavy liberal and conservative slant respectively, while ABC-CBS-NBC are considered middle-of-the-road.

What group of people in the south gained influence in southern politics during the civil war?

No one in the South gained influence during the Civil War; the Union victory left the South shattered economically, politically, and socially. However post-war, two groups known as the 'Carpetbaggers' and the 'Scalliwags" became very influential.

What branch of government does the national archives represent?

It is not a branch of government that is responsible for making and enforcing Laws. It is one of many government administrative organizations.

What roles does the president play in the organization of a party?

The President hold the highest office in the land and thus is, in one sense, the most successful member of his party. He has a lot of influence on the direction the party takes. He can draw a crowd anytime he wants to, and people all over the world listen to what he says. While he is in office, he leads the party. After he retires, his influence depends on the individual. Some remain a force and others fade away into the background.

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One way news organizations can influence people is by?

shaping the narrative of stories they report, which can influence public opinion and perceptions. They can also emphasize certain events or issues over others, leading to increased awareness or concern among the public. Lastly, news organizations can impact individuals by setting the agenda for public discussion and debate.

Major news organizations differ mainly in?

Major news organizations differ mainly in their editorial stances, reporting styles, target audiences, and ownership structures. These factors can influence the type of news stories covered, the perspective presented, and the overall bias of the organization. Additionally, differences in funding sources and journalistic standards can also set news organizations apart from one another.

How individuals influence public policy?

One way individuals can influence public policy is by supporting and voting for representatives who share their views. People can also join organizations that lobby Congress.

Where can one find the latest Russian news?

Russian news is available in Russian and English through various online news papers and organizations. These sources include Russian and American news agencies. News stories and video are posted on the internet. Russian news can also be found on cable and satellite television.

Which organizations supply help for alchololics?

There are many organizations that provide help for alcoholics. One of the most popular organizations that people recognize in conversation is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

Who does barry bonds influence?

barry bonds is an influence to many people, not just one

Why is a news paper important?

A newspaper is important because it provides information about current events and issues in the community, nation, and world. It helps to keep people informed, educated, and engaged in what is happening around them. Additionally, newspapers often serve as a check on power by holding governments and other institutions accountable through investigative journalism.

What is the top stories in todays news for people in Dalton Georgia?

what is one of the top stories in todays news for people living in Dalton Georgia

What is the difference between news agency and news organisation?

A news agency is a company that gathers and distributes news content to other organizations, while a news organization is a company that produces its own news content for dissemination to the public. News agencies often act as sources for news organizations, providing them with articles, images, and videos for publication.

What is the top stories in todays news for people living in Dalton georgia?

what is one of the top stories in todays news for people living in Dalton Georgia

What is a app I can get to send me notifications and the latest news about one direction and other people?

There are several apps I can get to send me notifications and the latest news about one direction and other people and they are Instagram among others.

What is a wire story?

A wire story is a news report or article that is syndicated and distributed by a news agency to various media outlets for publication. This allows multiple news organizations to access and use the same content simultaneously.