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It is not a branch of government that is responsible for making and enforcing Laws. It is one of many government administrative organizations.

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Q: What branch of government does the national archives represent?
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What branch of government does a congressman represent?


What branch of government is the National Security Council?

The National Security Council is under the executive branch of government.

What person represent the executive branch of government?

the president

What branch of government enforces national laws?

The judicial branch

What branch of government is national aeronautics and space administration?

Executive Branch

During the early 1780's the authority of the national government was vested in which branch of government?

The Legislative branch

Why is the executive branch important to the . government?

Why is the executive branch the most important branch to the government? The executive branch is important to the government because it enforces our nations laws and provides national security.

Which branches of government have the right to tax-local governments state governmentsor the national government?

Executive branch Executive branch Executive branch

Who runs the executive branch of your national government?

the Governor

Who is the speaker of the house in the national government?

The Judicial Branch does it

What branch of government does the us represent?

The Legislative branch, the house of reps(congress) & the senate Supreme Court is the judicial branch Executive branch is the presidency.

What is the power between national government and state government called?

the legislative branch