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Washington's State legislature meets every January on the second Monday for 105 days

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"Washington, In the Pacific Northwest"

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Q: In what month does the Washington state legislature meet?
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Which month does wa state legislature start meeting each year?

the legislators meet in january each year :)

When does the wasilla legislature meet?

The Wasilla Legislature meets every 1st and 4th Monday of every month.

When does the Louisiana state legislature meet in 2013?

on monday

In what city does the US national legislature meet?

The national legislature, the US Congress, meets at the US capitol in Washington, DC.

When does the state of Maine legislature meet?

By the Adams Onis Treaty.

Is your 1st district representative Barack Obama?

No, he is your president. Depending on where you live, your state has a certain number of state and federal representatives. The state representatives meet at your state's legislature: for example, in Massachusetts, the state representatives do their work at the State House in Boston. But the federal representatives meet in congress, in the House of Representatives in Washington DC.

Who is name does Florida legislature meet?

group that make the law for the state

Does the Vermont state legislature meet annually or biannually?

It meets biannually.

How often does the connecticut state legislature meet?

every 3 moths

Where does the West Virginia Legislature meet?

At the West Virginia State Capitol in Charleston.

When does the Arizona state legislature meet?

Arizona's Legislature meets annually. Up until 1950, it used to meet twice a year. The Arizona State Legislature was established in 1912 when Arizona became a state.

How many legislators meet in the Kansas state house?

There are 40 state senators and 125 state representatives in the Kansas state legislature.