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Asia, because the tigris river and the Euphrates, river are in Asia and their argriculture

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Q: In what part of the country did the heart of ancient Mesopotamia lie?
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What country today is the ancient land of Mesopotamia encompassing the Tigris ad Euphrates rivers is today part of?


What ancient civilization was Jordan part of?


What country in Mesopotamia starts with l?

Southern Iraq is part of Mesopotamia. Western Iran is also part of Mesopotamia.

What countries are part of ancient Mesopotamia?

australia & jamaica

Which countries of today was not part of ancient mesopotamia?


Was ancient Israel a part of mesopotamia?

No. Etymologically, "Mesopotamia" refers to the land between the two rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates.Israel was, however, part of the Fertile Crescent (which is not the same thing as Mesopotamia).

Was Judaism part of Ancient Mesopotamia?

Jews were exiled from Judea and deported to Babylon in 586 B.C.E. so yes, Jews form a part of Ancient Mesopotamia. Jews remained in Mesopotamia until the mass exodus of Jews left for Israel in 1950-1952.

Is Mesopotamia now known as Saudi Arabia?

No. Mesopotamia is in the modern-day country of Iraq. Saudi Arabia controls no part of Mesopotamia.

In what country is Mesopotamia?

The area where Mesopotamia was is now Iraq.

Which of the following present day country is not part of Mesopotamia?


Was Iraq previously named something else?

In ancient times that region was part of Mesopotamia.

What present day country contained mesopotamia?

the answer to this questoin is Iraq because mesopotamia was inbetween the Tigris and Euphrates today mesopotamia is now Iraq Nrothwestern syia.Southwestern turkey and part of southwwestern Iran.