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Two groups were fighting over different beliefs.

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Q: In what way were the Troubles a conflict over ideology?
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What way were the Troubles a conflict over ideology?

Answer this question… Two groups were fighting over different beliefs.

What is a Relationship between religion and ideology?

Well Ideology is a way of thinking. So the belief system of religions is their Ideology.

What conflict can range from irritation over the way another person simply is including personality traits and quirks?

Personal conflict can arise from irritation over another's personality traits and quirks. When this occurs, the best way to address it is usually in open conversation.

What is the definition of interpersonal conflict?

Interpersonal conflict involves conflict between individuals who for whatever reason(s) are at odds with one another. It may be for power, influence, ideology, or simply the "rub each other the wrong way." The conflict can be subtle evidenced by slights and veiled negative comments or it can be open criticism and advance even to open hostility. It usually depends on the nature of the persons involved and the perceived value of what's at stake that determines where the conflict goes, how intense it becomes.

What is the conflict being supported by conflict diamonds?

Conflict diamonds fund mayhem, terrorism, civil war, and general brutal abuse of humans in a quest for power. Conflicts all over the world are funded this way.

When is Jeff hardy coming to smackdown?

When he gets his legal troubles out of the way

Shrewdest way to deal with a conflict?

The shrewdest way to deal with a conflict is to talk about it.

Which ideology is most likely to keep things the way they are Nationalism or conservatism?


What divided the southern states from the northern states?

Mostly ideology and way of life.

How you would have reacted to Hitler's ideology?

I would have opposed it, at least passively, and actively if I were able, as much as possible. I oppose any ideology which tries to dictate the way I think.

Pls tell me whether the below statement is correct or not in the context of explaining X's way working I don't know in what ideology he is?

No. We may have an ideology, but we are not "in" it. Use I don't know what he is thinking.

What is the shrewdest way to deal with conflict?

It is to talk about what is causing the conflict.