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Durkheim's control theory has flaws because it does not account for the way both diversity and conflict exists. Its strength is they try to find ways to determine delinquency and stop it.

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Q: What are the strengths and weaknesses of Durkheim's control theory?
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What are the strengths and weaknesses of Hobbes social contract?

here are 6 weakness's 1)Psychoanalytic jargon serves to confuse rather than clarify concepts. 2)Some of the ideas (male genitalia envy, Oedipus) are outdated in terms of our contemporary world, and it is questioned by some theorists/practitioners whether these concepts are clinically useful. 3) The approach lacks a theory of intervention—not enough focus on technique. 4)The exclusive focus on the past can lead to "analysis paralysis" 5)The theory only provides a piece of the pie—often neglecting biological, cultural, and social considerations 6)Too many patients (perhaps psychotic, borderline) are not considered appropriate for psychoanalysis.

What was the 4 theory defensible space by Oscar newman?

1. Territorial Control 2. Access Control 3. Natural Surveillance 4. Image and Maintenance

What is the willie lynch theory?

The Willie Lynch theory of slave holding was based on keeping Black African slave ignorant, distrustful and fearful. That way, large numbers were easier to control. The term "being Lynched" comes from this man's name.

Which theory of government is associated with one person or group of people taking control over a territory?

Oligarchy is the rule of the few. In this system an elite group or even a single dictator has absolute power. This is always disastrous due to human nature.

Who holds power in Elite and Class Theory?

The upper-class (wealthy) control the power in an Elite and Class Theory. Over a third of the nation's wealth is currently held by just one percent of the American Population. Elite and Class theorists believe that this one percent of Americans controls most policy decisions because they can afford to finance election campaigns and control key institution, such as large corporations.

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What are the Strengths and weaknesses of social control theory?

weaknesses: can not controll language, actions around certain people

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the modernisation theory?

what are the strengths and weakness of modernization theory

What were the strengths and weaknesses of Mercantilism?

weaknesses power efficiency who gains? rational choice theory rent-seeking behavior examples failure in Latin America; India; japan in 1990

What are Strengths and weakness of social control theory?

Strengths of social control theory include its focus on understanding the factors that prevent individuals from engaging in criminal behavior, such as strong social bonds and attachment to conventional norms. It also highlights the importance of social relationships in shaping individuals' behavior. Weaknesses of the theory include its limited explanation of why some individuals still engage in deviant behavior despite having strong social bonds, and its oversimplification of the complexities of human behavior and motivations.

Who came up with the idea that people differ in their profiles of intelligence showing a unique pattern of strengths and weaknesses is related to?

Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the human development theory of development?

Strengths of human development theory include its focus on holistic human well-being, consideration of cultural diversity, and emphasis on individual agency and empowerment. Weaknesses may include a lack of attention to structural inequalities, potential for ethnocentrism in universalizing stages of development, and challenges in operationalizing and measuring concepts like quality of life.

What exactly is the theory of Belbin team roles?

The theory of Belbin team roles is a behaviorally oriented way to improve the performance of a work force. Each employee is evaluated in terms of his or her strengths and weaknesses, and is subsequently assigned tasks and integrated within the team so as to best play into his or her strengths.

What are the strengths and weaknesses to post modernist social theory?

Strengths of postmodernist social theory include its focus on diversity and difference, challenging traditional power structures, and highlighting marginalized voices. Weaknesses may include a tendency towards relativism that can undermine claims to social justice, as well as criticisms of being overly abstract and disconnected from practical solutions.

Strengths of Rostow's stages of growth theory to the developing countries?

Strengths of Rostow's theory of production

What is the best leadership theory?

The best leadership theory depends on the context and situation. Some popular theories include transformational leadership, situational leadership, and servant leadership. Each theory has its strengths and weaknesses, so it's important for leaders to understand and apply the most suitable theory for their specific circumstances.

Strengths and weaknesses of aristotles ideas about cause?

Strengths of Aristotle's ideas about cause include their nuanced understanding of causality, providing a structured framework to analyze events and phenomena. However, weaknesses include the potential for ambiguity and subjective interpretations, as well as the limitation of applying his theory to modern scientific understanding of causation.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Social Learning Theory?

There are many strengths and weaknesses of Social Learning Theory. Some strengths include:Accounts and allows for cognitive processesUses both experimental and non-experimental dataDoes explain a large number of behavioursSome weakness include:Doesn't explain all behaviour - how can someone still act in a way they've seen being punished?Doesn't explain differences. People brought up together act very differently.Relies on subjective perceptions. What one person might see as punishment another might see as reward.