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probably after 1924 cause the law that makes all Indian Americans citizens of the U.S.

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Q: In what year do you think American Indians were given the right to vote explain why you think this?
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Why were America Indians not allowed to vote?

Teddy Roosevelt was rather pissed at the American Indians. He created the Anti-Injun Act. This decreed that American Indians were no longer allowed to reside in the Americas. This was not very popular. The American Revolution was fought. American Indians got the right to vote and hold slaves.

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What American settlements were given the right help govern themselves?


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White myths and lore say that the American Indians came across the Bering strait from Russia or perhaps, they came from Asia, or perhaps parts of Africa. Next year some other country will lay claim to the American Indian. So far there has been no evidence that the American Indian came from any other country. American Indians believe that the Creator put them on these lands since time began. This is a far more logical answer since they have dug up pottery that predates the Ice Age by several thousands of years right on these lands.

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Manifest Destiny.

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Corn originated in the Americas, so the right answer would be all of it, as it all started 'here'.

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The writ of habeas corpus is an important right given to American citizens