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White myths and lore say that the American Indians came across the Bering strait from Russia or perhaps, they came from Asia, or perhaps parts of Africa. Next year some other country will lay claim to the American Indian. So far there has been no evidence that the American Indian came from any other country.

American Indians believe that the Creator put them on these lands since time began. This is a far more logical answer since they have dug up pottery that predates the Ice Age by several thousands of years right on these lands.

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Q: Explain how American Indians came to and settled across north America?
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If you had visited the frontier, you would have been on settled land by the American Indians.

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As of what i have learned, when the Indians traveled over the Bering Strait and settled in America, they have also settled in Canada. So, what i think they are called are the same to the people in America, what we presently call Indians. ___________ They are called either First Nations or Inuit, depending upon where they are from. Native is another acceptable term. The word Indian is rarely used in Canada.

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