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Q: In what year were the alien and sedition acts passed?
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What year did congress pass the alien and sedition acts?


What year were the alien and sedition acts passed?

The Sedition Act was passed on May 16th, 1918 and signed into law by President Wilson on May 21st, 1918

What were the Kentucky and Virginia resolutions in direct response to?

The Kentucky and Virginia resolutions were written in 1798. Kentucky's was written by Thomas Jefferson while James Madison wrote the Virginia one. Both were the result of the Alien and Sedition act passed in the same year. The purpose was to argue against Congress acting on powers that were not given to them specifically by the Constitution.

What year was the alien and sedition act?

It started on June 25, 1798 and endes 2 years later. I am learning about it in my 7th grade US history class. :)

What year was the enforcement acts passed?


When did England pass the navigation acts?

the English passed the navagation acts in the year 1660

In what year did the Enclosures Act take place in Great Britain?

The Inclosure (or Enclosure) Acts were a series of acts that were passed on several different occasions. The majority of these acts were passed between 1750 and 1860. The most renowned of these acts was passed in 1773.

What year did the stamp act and Quartering acts are passed?


What year was the sugar act and currency acts passed?

The suger act and currency act passed in 1764

What year did England pass the navigation acts?

The Navigation act was passed in 1651.

What year did the intolerable act happen?

the intolerable acts were passed on march 31st, 1774

What year was the townshend acts passed?

Because a newer leader, named Lord North, saw that the British weren't gaining any money from the acts. so early in 1770, he convinced the Parliament to repeal all of the Townshend Acts, except for one, the tax on tea.