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The Navigation act was passed in 1651.

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Q: What year did England pass the navigation acts?
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When did England pass the navigation acts?

the English passed the navagation acts in the year 1660

What year did the English pass the navigation acts?


What year did the englands pass the navagatioWhat year did the England pass the navigation act?

In 1651

When did the navigation acts occur?

Year 1650 and again in the 1700's (2 dates)

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Who limited towns to a single annual meeting each year enforced the Navigation Acts and suppressed the colonial legislature in Massachusetts?

The man who did all of these things was Edmund Andros. He was an English colonial administrator and governor of the Dominion of New England for almost three years.Ê

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Why did the english parliament pass the navigation acts What effects did they have?

Because in 1800's - " Black " people Came to England. - And passed the navigation acts in 1920 Because of the Catholic supporters Demanded. - Becausae they Stole Items because of the hatrid this happend - In 1840's - "(Year over 41million Worth's of Items Were took For punishment against The Parliament. So in 1870 The parliament and The whole of UK- Declared war on these people - And Crushed them. if someone was to see them on the streets; they would ITher Kill them, or turn them in - For a small cash reward. About 1 quid - which is about 3 quid today. The punishment was harsh; They burned them. TOrched them, Even used Gases - This is were HITLER - Got his idea's for The Jewish community, and what to do with them.

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