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Q: In which country in Asia did the french and british fight?
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In which country in Asia did the french and the British fight each other in?

in russia,and indiajarquez

What country is Asia did french and the british fight each other?

I think that they were fighting over land. I am not sure exactly

What southeast Asia country was never a colony?

Thailand. Because the agreement between British and French.

How did the french and British differ in the tactics they used to control empires in Asia?

The British ruled directly over their colonies, while the French did not.

What country in Asia has French as the official language?


Which nations were largely controlled by imperial powers during the 19th century?

Many nations in Africa and Asia. Latin America was colonized by Spain, Portugal and French. In North America by British and French. In Asia- British, French, Dutch, Japanese, In Africa- British, German, Belgian, French, Potugese etc etc.

What effects did the European quest of colonies have on Africa and Asia?

The French conquered Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, and in Asia, French Indochina. The British conquered India in Asia, and exploited them, causing much war. The British had a mandate in Palestine for a while, also.

Thailand became a neutral zone between the empires in Asia.?

British and French

Who was the first country to seek a water route to Asia?

The country france was the first country to seek a water route to asia

How did british control of Burma to the french interest in colonizing southeast Asia?

The French saw some of the great resources in the area.

What southeast Asia country was once part of British India?

Myanmar (Burma)

What was the motive for the french colonies in southeast Asia?

To match the growth of the British Empire</zzz> They feared the growing strength of the British Empire.