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South And MidWest

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south and midwest

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Q: In which region did the growth rates for those 18 to 64 grow the fastest?
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What are the three main weaknesses of the electoral college system?

1. NOT a direct representation of the Populous (of who the population would want to vote for), this is because those people in the electoral college can VOTE in ANY WAY THEY WANT, They DO NOT have to Vote according to the preferences of those whom they represent. 2. Can give certain populations, specifically States, and incorrect allotment of representation/power if the U.S. Census Data regarding Population is Incorrect (electoral college votes are determined by population by region -- Counties and States). If those numbers are wrong -- too many or too few votes may be given to a given region and/or State.

What was the belief that the people living in a region should decide key issues?

There are a number of terms for this idea, depending on the time or place that it is proposed. Some of those terms include:Popular SovereigntySelf-DeterminationLocalized AutonomyIndigenous RightsDecentralization / ConfederalismStates RightsMunicipal Authority

What voting block is most important in republican politics?

As a small business owner, I would say that people who have worked very hard and have a vested interested in hard-work-based growth of this nation have a great tendency to vote Republican. Also important is the flip-side of this answer: People with no interest in hard work or the growth of prosperity have a tendency to vote for Democrats. (this is not purely indicting to the poor, as I would venture to say that those of vast inherited wealth have a tendency to be liberal in correlative fashion equal to the amount of work they have invested in their own financial statuses...)

Who are those who rule in popular sovereignty?

Those who rule the popular sovereignty are the people.

How does Paine desribe those who would reconcile with Great Britain?

He describes those as "Large White Men."

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In which region did the growth rates for those under age 18 grow the fastest?

Northeast and West

Why are population growth rates in South Korea and Taiwan different form those in Cambodia and Laos?

its really poor

What growth rate decreases as the population gets bigger?

Exponential growth rates typically slow down as the population gets bigger. This is because resources become more limited and competition for those resources increases, which can lead to factors like increased mortality rates or decreased birth rates. This phenomenon is known as logistic growth.

How are growth rates used in evaluating stocks?

When evaluating a stock one should look at not only earnings but how those earnings are growing. The rate of growth helps to determine where the earnings will be next quarter, next year, or five years down the road. If you see a stock with a P/E (Price/Earnings) of 100 that is usually do to a high growth rate. The investers a paying a large premium for the company today due to the expected growth of the earnings for the company in the future. This type of investing tends to be more risky due to the fact that the company may fail to meet expected growth rates. On the other hand these stocks can exceed expected growth rates and reward investers who took a chance on them with stellar returns. Growth rates can also be used too compare one company to its peers. Companies in the same industy should have similar growth rates. Differences in these rates may indicate problems within a specific company. Price to earnings of 100 are quite impossible and if they appear it is best to avoid the stock since you will inevitably lose money.

Do different types of bread grow mold at different rates?

No, they do not. I tested the bread and the flat bread molded the fastest, then wheat bread then sourdough bread. White does not mold because of the preservatives in it.

Economic growth rates in follower countries?

tend to exceed those in leader countries because followers can cheaply adopt the new technologies that leaders developed at relatively high costs.

Fastest way to grow facial hair?

One method which aids in improving facial hair growth is to begin shaving on a regular basis. The hair that grows back in will appear fuller when shaving is stopped. The easiest way to grow facial hair may be to just not shave and let it grow. This may not appear to be the fastest method, but facial hair grows in at differing thicknesses and different rates of speed for different men. With a little patience, some men may achieve results faster than others. A dietary supplement called biotin may aid those seeking to stimulate the growth of their beard.

Why do different soil compositions favor the growth of different plants?

Different soil compositions provide varying levels of nutrients, pH levels, and drainage properties, which can affect a plant's ability to access and absorb essential elements for growth. Plants have specific nutrient requirements and tolerance levels for pH and drainage, so the soil composition plays a crucial role in determining which plants can thrive in a particular environment.

How are unit rates and rates alike?

Unit rates are a special type of rates: those where the numerator or, more usually the denominator, of the rate is 1.

If all securities are fairly priced must all offer equal expected rates of return Why?

No they won't all offer equal rates of return. Some securities are bought for rate of return in form of dividends and/or interest. Others are bought because of an expected increase in growth to increase the price per share. Generally the safer stocks are thought to be those that are solid companies paying dividends and are considered more conservative that growth stocks. Those buying growth stocks expect to make money by selling th stock when the basic price goes high enough to make them a profit.

What does Those who hurry fastest are the first to fall mean?

they die

How do fish bass grow?

The largemouth bass usually grows beteen four and six inches its first three years, then begins to slow. This growth rate depends on the region it inhabits, with those in the south growing faster than those in colder areas.