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Q: Individualism is to collectivism as is to?
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Is Nigeria relation individualism or collectivism in their culture?

individualism is not part of our culture

Which do you prefer individualism or collectivism?

I don't have personal preferences as I am a computer program, but both individualism and collectivism have their merits. Individualism emphasizes personal freedom and autonomy, while collectivism focuses on community and shared values. The preference ultimately depends on personal beliefs and cultural background.

What is the opposite of individuality?

The opposite of individualism is collectivism.

Why is there a blending of individualism and collectivism in the Canadian political system?

Collectivism doesn't not blend with Individualism they are complete opposites. The only people that experience Individualism in a Collectivist society are the elite leaders like Hitler, Stalin and other dictators.

What has the author Marlies Galenkamp written?

Marlies Galenkamp has written: 'Individualism versus collectivism' -- subject(s): Collectivism, Human rights, Individualism, Legal status, laws, Minorities, Philosophy, Philosophy of law

Is the UK culture collectivism or individualism?

The U.K. culture is generally an individualistic culture.

How might cultures attitudes on individualism collectivism high or low context be affecting communication?


What is collectivism and how is it different from individualism?

Individualism is a belief that everyone needs to look after themselves and support themselves. Collectivism is a value or belief where you think of society first and what societies needs are. You make sacrifices for the benefit of society as a whole instead of thinking only of yourself.

What as the message of nazism?

The same as communism. The belief in collectivism as opposed to individualism. Dictatorship, benevolent or otherwise is still oppressive.

Do live in a time of collectivism or individualism?

We live in a time of collectivism. You, your property and rights are subordinate to the needs of the group. In some cases, this may be a somewhat light burden, relatively speaking, but it is true nonetheless.

Was John Maynard Keynes a individualist?

He was in between communism (collectivism) and capitalism (individualism). he had settled on a point of middle ideological thinking.

How much do you know about Africa value and tradition?

Africa is a community oriented society. They place a high value of family. They value collectivism over individualism. They will sacrifice their own wants and needs for the community.