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Desert are situated between 5 and 30 degrees north and south latitudes on the either side of the equator. Most of the deserts are on the western margins of the continents. In India, we have the Thar Desert.

  • Desert is lands with out trees. Dessert is sandy areas. As a result of this, life becomes very difficult for people. It is also known as the land of hot sand. Thar is an example of this land of hot sand. These deserts are largely uninhabited and uncultivated. The important characteristic of a dessert is scarcity of water.
  • Life in the desert region is difficult and people have to work hard to make a living. The main occupations of the people are rearing sheep and goats. In search of food for their animals, people move with their sheep and goats from one place to another. These people are called nomads. They do not have a permanent home.
  • Some nomads are blacksmiths. They make pots, pans and tools out of iron. They travel from one place to another to sell their goods. These nomads are called banjara. In some parts of the desert the soil fertile. There water shortage, government helps by the water supply.
  • The people of Rajasthan live in flat roof houses. They wear bright colored clothes. The men wear dhoti. Kurta and turban. Women wear ghagra choli cover their head with an odhni. The main festivals of Rajasthan are desert festival, tees Gangapur, Dussehra, Diwali, Holi and Id.
  • A desert is sandy area with little vegetation. Rajasthan lies south of northern plains. The desert covers most of the state of Rajasthan in the western part of India there is little rainfall in this reason.
  • The desert has an extreme climate. Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan.
  • The camel is a very useful animal in a desert. Camels pull carts and plugs. It is used for transportation because they camel travel long distance with out drinking water. It has broad, padded feet.
  • These help them to walk easily on the sand. The camel is called the `ship of desert’. Groups of people are traveling together on camels from a caravan.
  • Rajasthan handicrafts are famous all over the world. Some major industries in this region make woolen goods, sugar, cement, glass, pesticides and dyes. The important tourist attractions in Rajasthan are the Urs of Ajmer, the Pushkar mela and the annual cattle fair. The people of Rajasthan speak Hindi and Rajasthani.
  • As the rainfall is scanty and the land is hot, there is only a little scope of vegetation in Thar. The only vegetation that grow here are desert thorny bushes.
  • Animal wealth in this type of lands is very limited. Camel is most useful of all the animals in the desert. It is one of the means of transport in such areas
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Q: Information on lifestyle of desert people?
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