What is bohemian ancestry?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Bohemia used to be country which is now part of the Czech republic. People who immigrated to the United States and other countries when Bohemia was still a country called themselves Bohemians. I have Bohemian ancestry because my great-granparents immigrated from Bohemia. It is rather confusing today however, because the term "bohemian" is used as a catch-all for groups that live a laid-back artsy lifestyle. When you look up Bohemian on the internet you get little about the former country and its people and more about the lifestyle. It is sad to see that people forget about the actual origin of what it means to be Bohemian. Most people who call themselves bohemian have no Bohemian blood or ancestry, they just live a lifestyle deemed bohemian. If you have Bohemian ancestry it is more useful to search Czech culture or ancestry if you want to learn more about your heritage.

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Q: What is bohemian ancestry?
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