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The U.S. Supreme Court case Miranda v. Arizona is the basis for the procedure of informing suspects of their legal rights during arrest. As a matter of fact, the reading of these rights is commonly called the Miranda Warning.

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Q: Informing suspects of their legal rights during an arrest procedure is required as a result of?
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Are Spontaneous declarations of an incriminating nature made by suspects to officers following arrest admissible at trial?

Yes, spontaneous declarations of an incriminating nature made by suspects to officers following arrest admissible at trial.

What is Interpol arrest authority and where do they get it from?

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What is issued by a judge provides the legal basis for an apprehension of suspects by police?

arrest warrant

Before arrest is informing someone of their rights while a cop is asking them questions obstruction of justice?

It would depend on the manner in which this was done. If you 'informing them' interrupts or disrupts the interview, you may be obstructing or interfering.

What is required for an arrest warrant?

probable cause

When is probable cause not required?

When no arrest is contemplated.

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