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Alaska is a predominantly red state.

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Alaska is a predominantly red state.

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Q: Is Alaska a red or blue state?
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Are red grapes Alaska's state fruit?

Yes, red grapes are Alaska's state fruit.

What color is the state flower of Alaska?

Blue and yellow. I assume the question above refers to the Alaska flag? The Alaska flag was designed by Benny Benson of Kodiak, Alaska, it is a blue flag decorated with yellow stars in the formation of the Big Dipper (Ursa Major) with the North star (Polaris) above it to the right.

What are the colors of Alaska's state flag?

Blue and Gold.

Is Idaho a red state or a blue state?


Is maryland a red or blue state?

Its a blue state!

Is Alabama a blue or red state?

a red state

What are the Alaskas state colors?

the state colors of Alaska are yellow and medium blue.

What does being a red or blue state means?

Red State is a Conservative or Republican State. A Blue State is a Liberal or Demacratic State

Is California a red state a blue state or a swing state?


Is Illinois a red or a blue state?

In 2008 it was a Blue state.

Is Oregon a red or blue state?

It's a blue state.

Is new jersey a red or blue state?

A red state.