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A red state.

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Q: Is new jersey a red or blue state?
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What is New Jersey's state tree?

New Jersey's state tree is the Northern Red Oak.

What is the New Jersey state tree?

Northern Red Oak

What is the state tree of NewJersey?

The Northern Red Oak is the state tree of New Jersey.

Does new jersey have a song or poem about state?

Yes, New Jersey has a state song called "I'm From New Jersey" written by Red Mascara. It was adopted as the official state song in 1959. Additionally, there is a poem called "A Poem of New Jersey" written by Joyce Kilmer that celebrates the state's natural beauty.

What are the state symbols of New Jerseys?

. The state coat of arms is emblazoned in the center. The shield has three plows with a horse's head above it. Two women represent the goddesses of Liberty and Agriculture. A ribbon at the bottom includes the year of independence in 1776 and reads: Liberty and Prosperity. The New Jersey state flag was formally adopted in 1896.

Is New Hampshire a red or blue state?

Obama overwhelmingly carried the state in '08, so I'd say blue.

Is the sugar maple the state tree of New Jersey?

No it is the Northern Red Oak.

What is the New England Patriots colors?

The Patriots Team colors are: Home - Blue Jersey, white numbers, New century silver accents, red piping; New Century Silver Pants, White Socks, Silver Helmet Away - White Jersey, blue numbers red piping, Nautical Blue pants, Blue Socks, Silver Helmet

Why did the Northern Red Oak become New Jersey's state tree?

Thats what they wanted

Where does red bulls soccer team train?

Montclair State University in New Jersey.

Why was the red oak tree made the official state tree of New Jersey?

According to the proclamation of the state legislature of New Jersey in 1950, the red oak was named the state's tree because it was important to the state because of its " . . . beauty of structure, strength, dignity and long life, that it is most useful commercially and enjoys great freedom from disease, that it is adapted to our New Jersey soils. . . "

What is the state flower state shell state bird capital and state tree of New Jersey?

The state flower of New Jersey is the Purple Violet. The state shell is the knobbed whelk. The state bird is the Eastern Goldfinch. The capital is Trenton. The state tree is the Red Oak.