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Yes. in the sense that the President must enforce the laws that Congress passes, collect only the taxes that Congress approves and spend the money that Congress appropriates. Congress can, using a complicated process, remove him from office if he violates the laws or is derelict in his duties. However, there is a balance of powers and the President has much power over Congress,. as well as a legal principle known as executive privilege, which lets him conceal many of his actions from Congress if he so chooses.

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Q: Is American president answerable to the congress?
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Is John Hancock an American president?

He as the President of the Massachusetts Provincial Congress.

How long does the president have to inform congress before sending American troops overseas?

He has 48 hours to notify congress.

Who was the United States president that asked congress to declare the spanish American war?

The president was McKinley

What did John Hancock do to make us consider him?

He was president of the Continental Congress when independence was signed, making him the first American President.

Why did American select Washington as first president?

Americans didn't select him, the continental congress did.

What did John Hancock do in the American revolution?

He signed the Declaration of Independence and was president of the continental congress.

There are four branches of the American federal government?

three ! congress--supreme court-president

Was John Hancock part of the American revolution?

Yes, because back then he was President of Congress.

Who exercises the power to declare war?

the president Doesn't the president tell congress why they think American should go to war, then congress decides if it's a good idea, and declares war?

What is an example of checks and balance?

President Vetoing a law passed by congressCongress overriding a Presidents VetoThe court can declare congressional and presidential acts to be unconstitutional. Congress can override a president's veto. The president appoints supreme court judges.In the American Government, when the President vetoes something, it gets sent back to Congress to be reviewed again and Congress can override that if they believe the President's decision is unfair.

How can the president introduce legislation to the Congress?

The President has the opportunity to establish an agenda for Congress by advocating for specific policies. Presidents also have the ability to use their position to take their case directly to the American people, which can impact public opinion, and consequently, impact Congress.

Why didn't congress follow the American president's lead for military action in the Persian Gulf?

It's because Congress don't give a hoot