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The French first settled there in 1605 followed by the British in 1763.

In 1867 it became the Dominion of Canada.

It is a member of the British Commonwealth.

While Canada has the British Crowned Monarch as the head of state the Government of Canada is independent, autonomous and equal to the British Government, Australian Government or French Government.

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The provinces of Canada were British Colonies prior to joining Canada.

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Q: Is Canada under British rule
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How many countries are stilled ruled by Britain?

Many small Countries and Canada Canada is not under British rule. It is independent. All territories still under British rule are very small.

What was Canada called under british rule?

Even under British rule, Canada was called Canada. Even before it was united from coast to coast, there were two colonies called Upper and Lower Canada.

A beautiful lake covered nation that was created by combining several independent kingdoms under British rule is what?

Canada. But, it is no longer under British rule anymore.

How long did Britain rule Canada?

Britain ruled Canada from 1763 to 1867. This means that Canada was under the British rule for 104 years before gaining independence.

Why English is most common in the language in Canada?

English is the most common language in Canada because Canada was under British rule for over a hundred years ending in 1867

Why did the british colonies in Canada increase during the American revolution?

some Colonials wanted to stay under british rule

Was Malaysia under british rule?

Yes. Malaysia was under british rule.

Was Australia under French rule?

No, it was under British rule.

What do you understand by the ghadr movement of India?

The ghadr movement was taken to free India from british rule in about twentieth century by the Sikhs and Punjabi hindus who were sent to Canada which was under british rule, to work as labourers.

How rule of the british Empire effected on the Canada?

it granted canada its independence.

How long did Nigeria stay under British rule?

Nigeria was under British rule from 1914 until 1960

How would America be different today if America was still under British rule?

Canada gives one an idea of that, as it's still linked to Britain.