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Is a private sector

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Q: Is Coca Cola a public sector or a private sector company?
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Why is coca cola in the private sector?

Most companies are in the "private sector" which means that they are not in the "public sector" (owned or operated by a government).

Is Coca Cola a public company?

I have no idea;Then don't answer the question. Coca Cola is a Public Company.Improved: The Coca Cola Company is a public limited company (plc).

Which business sector does coca-cola fit into primary secondary or Tertiary sector?

The sector coca cola is in is the secondary sector becasue they turn/make the primary products into finished goods. They manufacture.

When did Coca Cola go public?

Coca Cola began offering stock in 1919. The company is still an active part of the New York Stock Exchange.

When did Coca Cola became a company?

Coca Cola became a company at 1921.

When was The Coca-Cola Company created?

The Coca-Cola Company was created in 1892.

What is The Coca-Cola Company's population?

Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Cape Cod's population is 85.

Who makes truvia?

Truvia is made by Cargill and the Coca-Cola Company. It is a brand of sweetener made from stevia leaf extract.

What is the symbol for Coca-Cola Company - The - in the NYSE?

The symbol for Coca-Cola Company (The) in the NYSE is: KO.

Where is coca cola?

The Coca-Cola Company of Atlanta, Georgia

Which company first started selling commercial beverages?

The first company to start selling commercial beverages to the public was Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola first sold it's beverages in 1886. The soda was originally sold for five cents a glass at a pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia.

How many coca cola factories are there in the UK?

yes coca cola is a multi national company it has its branches in many counties including Brazil inida west indies etc.......... BY ARJUN C.A KAVANA