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Britain is an island which contains three countries; England, Scotland and Wales. Together with the province of Northern Ireland they form the United Kingdom, which is a constitutional monarchy. The current monarch is Queen Elizabeth II.

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yes, its ruled by royalty. currently the queen

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Q: Is England a monarchary political system?
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What type of political system does England have?

a constitutional monarchy

Why was religion the primary source for England's political system?

ya mum

What political structure did England use after William the Conqueror?

the feudal system

What type of political system is headed by Queen ElizabethII of England?

A Constitutional Monarchy.

What type of political system is headed by queen elizabeth2 of England?

The United Kingdom (which includes England) is a Constitutional Monarchy and a Parliamentary Democracy.

Which medieval European ruler instituted a national tax system in England and strengthened political and economic ties between England and France?

william the conqueror

What type of political system is headed by Queen Elizabeth 2nd England?

The political system that was headed by Queen Elizabeth II was a monarchy. Elizabeth has been acting Queen since her coronation in 1953.

How is England similar to Canada?

England and Canada both have a parliamentary system of government, a democratic political system, and share a monarch as the head of state. Additionally, they both have diverse populations and are known for their multiculturalism.

What kind of political system does Jamaica have?

Jamaica is a Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy with the Queen of England as the ceremonial Head of State.

What kind of political system does Poland have?

they are polish.. they dont have a political system they have a republic political system, actually

Why were the puritans political view undemocratic?

They were blocked from changing the system from within, but their views were the Puritans became a major political force in England and came to power as a only in their piety and discipline but in their democratic practices".

What the economic system vs political system?

What the Economic system v. political system