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what is the strength and weakness of a unitary political system?

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Q: What is the strength and weakness of a unitary political system?
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Can a unlimited government have a unitary system of government?

A unitary system is a set of components for political organizations where most of the governing power resides in a centralized government. An unlimited government can be carried out by a group of people so a unitary system is possible.

Does a unitary system share power with the national government?

A Unitary government IS the national government. A Unitary governmental system describes a Nation-State that consolidates all political authority in the national government.An example of a Unitary government is the parliament/prime minister of England.

The political arrangement under the articles of confederation is a good example of a unitary political system true or false?


What are the best reasons to select a political system to be unitary State and federation and confederation for a particular country?

yes it is

Does Great Britain have a unitary system?

yes it has a unitary system

Define unitary system of government?

its a system

What is the strength and weakness of the computerizedscheduling and control system?

What are the strengths and weaknesses?

Is israel a unitary confederation or a federal system?

Israel is a unitary system.

Is Japan a unitary or federal system?

Japan is a federal system.

Why should a political system be unitary federal or confederal?

why should a political system be unitary federal or confederal, because a federal system would allow the state would not be a single fraction, state government would be smaller and more reposnive to local needs.

Is Romania a federal or a unitary system?


Does Japan have a Unitary System?

Yes, Japan has a unitary system of government. A unitary government is a state governed as one single unit.