Is English recognised in this Constitution?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, English is recognized in the US Constitution. It is written in English.

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Q: Is English recognised in this Constitution?
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Is the English language recognised on Section 2 of an Article in this Constitution of Brunei?

English has been recognised as an official language of Brunei Section 2 of Article 82 of the current Constitution.

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No, a monopad is not a recognised word from the English language.

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The word is not recognised as being one in the English language.

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Serious has no recognised abbreviation in general English

What languages were used in the US Constitution?

The US Constitution is written in English. Some of the usage may seem antiquated, but it is clear English nonetheless.

How many national languages are recognised by India's constitution?

India's constitution recognizes 22 languages as scheduled languages at the national level. These languages have been given official status to preserve linguistic diversity within the country. Additionally, English is also recognized as an associate official language for communication purposes.

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I married in Turkey also. Your wedding is recognised under British law.

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The word 'rump' is recognised as meaning 'ass' or 'buttocks'.

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The answer depends on what you mean by a fatoom. It is not a recognised word in the English language.

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