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He's neither, more like a threat

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Q: Is Helios a friend or foe of Odysseus?
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Why does Helios get mad at Odysseus?

Helios became angry at Odysseus' men because they ate his cattle. It was because of that slip-up that Helios had Zeus obliterate Odysseus' crew.

What were Odysseus' men forbidden from in Helios'?

Odysseus' men were forbidden to slay and or eat the cattle of Helios' island.

The god whose cattle odysseus' crew consumed?

hyperion or Helios

What was odysseus' reaction after killing Helios' cattle?

After Odysseus kills the Helios' cattle, he is not sure what to do. He realizes it was a mistake and shortly afterward they kill his crew.

What advice was Odysseus given regarding Helios?

Odysseus was told by Tiresias not to kill Helios' cattle, or let his crew members kill them either.

What crime do Odysseus' men commit while he is praying?

While Odysseus is praying to the gods, his men commit the crime of slaughtering and eating Helios' sacred cattle, despite being warned not to by Odysseus. This act angers Helios and leads to dire consequences for Odysseus and his crew.

What does Tiresias predict will happen if Odysseus radis the herds of Helios?

he told Odysseus that if him or his men touched the cattle they would be punished and killed by Helios, the owner of the cattle. Odysseus's men die before they reach their homes.

Is the vulture in spider man friend or foe?

friend or

Why do Odysseus' men beg him to stop on Helios' island?

They see Helios' cattle and want to steal some.

Is ocean friend or foe?


Why did Odysseus eat the cattle of Helios?

They were starving and they wanted filling foods, so they disobeyed Odysseus.

Why do Odysseus' men get killed by Helios?

They eat Helios' cattle, and he finds out. He tells Zeus to kill them, Zeus does so by making a storm at sea. Everyone dies except Odysseus.