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Q: Is Iron Patriot weak or powerful?
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Is iron patriot weak or strong?

Iron Patriot is generally considered to be strong, as he possesses advanced technology and weapons built into his suit that give him enhanced strength and durability. However, his strength ultimately depends on the specific iteration and interpretation of the character in different comics or media adaptations.

How powerful do you think the assyrian army would have been if it had not learned how to strengthen iron?

weak because they would have no strength

Who is the man who plays the iron patriot?

The man who plays Iron Patriot or other none as the War Machine is Don Cheadle.

What is the name of the robot who helped Iron Man in Iron Man 3?

iron patriot

Which word means the opposite of powerful?

Weak is the antonym (opposite of) the word strong.

Weak is to powerful as is to generous?

An opposite of powerful is weak. An opposite of generous is mean or miserly.

What are the new suits in Iron Man 3?

Tony's new suit, the Mark VIII, Iron Patriot,(which isn't actually Iron Patriot, just War Machine repainted,) and Tony's tuxedo. :)

Weak is to powerful as WHAT is to generous?

An opposite of powerful is weak. An opposite of generous is mean or miserly.

Which is better mk 42 or iron patriot?

Mk 42

Is iron patriot good or bad?

esto letorpi tomploer .

Is iron and steel weak?

Steel is made partially out of Iron, and no, they are not weak unless you stick'em up your anus

Does Captain America ever get the iron patriot suit?

Possibly, but no one will know until Iron Man 3 comes out. -If they stick to the comic storyline's then no. The only other person who ever wears the Iron Patriot armor is Norman Osborn.