Is Java a country

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no it is a company

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Q: Is Java a country
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Is Java an independent country?

What the heck is Java?

Sumatra borneo and java are all located in what country?

Borneo and Java is Indonesia Country

What country is known for its java coffee in the Java sea?

Java coffee is made in Java, which is an island - part of INDONESIA

What country does Java belong to?

The island Java, belongs to Indonesia

What country is java?

java is an island on the Indonesian archipelago. it is a part of Indonesia.

What country is Java in?


In what country can sulfur be found?

java, sicilie

What country can you find java?

The Republic of Indonesia.

What is the country that has the most volcanic eruptions?

Java and Bali

Singapore is south of what country?

It is north of Indonesia's Java

The famous Borobudur temple is in which country?

Indonesia, Java

What country are Sumatra Borneo and Java a part of?

They are part of Indonesia.