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A country that helps Another Country whether in peace or war is an ally.

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Q: What is a country that helps another country whether in peace or war?
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Is north lawndale a good school?

yes it is.. it helps students have bright futures and helps them maitain peace in one another

How can students helps to bring peace In the country?

They can start in their own community and help stop gangs.

How does one country pay another country for imports?

kindgom give money to the stronger kindgom in exchange for peace

What is peace and how can a country like Nepal adopt it?

Peace is a situation or a period of time in which there is no war or violence in a country or an area and in another word we can say that peace is the state of being calm or quit. The country like Nepal can adopt it from the negotiation of leaders since they are being the enemies of it now a days.

What percent of peace has there been since recorded time?

For an individual country, that would depend on the country. For the whole world - probably 0%. There is always someone fighting somewhere - whether country-versus-country, or civil war.

How does tourism benefit Canada?

It helps Canada by bring a great deal of money, because they have to pay transportation money, hotal money, shopping money and restaurant money, so they will have to pay alot of taxes to the goverment. It also makes a country more popular and it brings peace with another country.

When was From Baghdad to Peace Country created?

From Baghdad to Peace Country was created in 2003.

What is a special kind of tax that one country pays to another to be left alone?

Tribute is a special kind of tax that one country pays to another in exchange for peace or non-interference. It is usually collected by the dominant country as a form of protection money.

Why do countries join economic unions?

because they need another country to help them with their economic struggles if they have one....peace brother!

When was Another Side of Peace created?

Another Side of Peace was created in 2004.

What helps peace to grow?

To date fear has been the biggest contributor to peace.

What is the duration of Another Side of Peace?

The duration of Another Side of Peace is 3600.0 seconds.