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duties of government are to ensure welfare of people of the country if the government has to be good it has to ensure equality,peace,discipline and justice in the country

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Q: What are the duties of a good government?
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What were the duties of George Washington when he became president?

rights of people plans public good government

The duties and responsibilities of the chairman in local government?

explain the duties,sponsibilities,and powers of the local government chairman

10 duties of a good citizen?

10 lines of duties of a good citizen

What the duties Government renderd to their Citizens?

The duties of the government is to ensure that health care services and infrastructure are offered. They also put policies in place.

What is the fourth article of the constitution?

It has to do with states duties to each other and the duties the federal government has to the states.

Do government trappers get to use firearms?

They may. Depends on which government and specific duties.

What are the most important duties of government?

Government's important duties include making laws and enforcing those laws in order to protect its citizens. Another important duty of government is to provide for under privileged members of government.

Document that states the powers and duties of a government?


What are the areas of civics?

Responsibilities, government, rights, duties.

What is a document that states the power and duties of a government?

the constitution

Plan of government that describes the different parts of the government and their duties and powers?

Separation of Powers

What is the difference between bank charges and government taxes and duties on a bank statement?

Bank charges are fees charged by and received by the bank. Government taxes and duties are fees withheld by the bank and forwarded to the respective government.