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It depends on who the majority typically vote for, democrat (blue) or Republican (Red). The answer is always based on speculation and is always up for grabs in any election. If you look at recent times such as the 2004 presidential election where the majority voted for Bush I'd have to answer red. However just to keep the pundits on their toes they have a Democratic Governor and Lieutenant Governor and a third of the US Representatives are Democrats. In the Kentucky General Assembly the Democrats control the House of Representatives and Republicans control the Senate.

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Historically, Kentucky has been a red state. As of late, however (notably since the election of Steve Beshear in 2007), Kentucky has become very blue.

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Q: Is Kentucky a red state or blue state?
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What is Kentucky's state colors?

I think Kentucky's state color is blue because of it's flag and the blue grass state

What color is the state flower of Kentucky?

Bright yellow or golden colored. It is the golden rod.

What state is the blue grass state in?


What state is is the blue grass state?


Nickname of Kentucky?

The Blue grass state

What iss the state bird of Kentucky?

The Kentucky Cardinal ( Cardinalis cardinal) or red bird is selected as the state bird of Kentucky

Which state is known as the blue grass state?

Kentucky is known as the "Bluegrass State"

How did Kentucky get it nickname?

Kentucky's nick name is the bluegrass state. It got its name because of its grass. The grass is not tecnically blue, but its a close color to blue.

What color is Kentucky blue?

The flag of Kentucky consists of a navy blue field with a white seal surrounded by sprigs of goldenrod, featuring two men dressed in green outlined in black.

What is the capital of Kentucky of the state known for its blue grass?

Frankfort is the capital city in Kentucky.

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What is the Nickname of Kentucky?

Kentucky's official state nick name is "The Bluegrass State." Other nicknames are Dark and Bloody Ground, Hemp State, the Rock-Ribbed State and the Tobacco State. Bluegrass is not really blue--it's green--but in the spring, bluegrass produces bluish-purple buds that when seen in large fields give a rich blue cast to the grass. Early pioneers found bluegrass growing on Kentucky's rich limestone soil, and traders began asking for the seed of the "blue grass from Kentucky." The name stuck and today Kentucky is known as the Bluegrass State.