Is Legalism a religion

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Legalism is not a religion. Legalism is a philosophy

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Q: Is Legalism a religion
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What was Qin Shi Huangdi's religion?


Was legalism considered a religion in ancient china?

No, it was a philosophy.

China Han Dynasty religion?

It started out as legalism, then it swayed to Confucianism.

Is Buddhism the religion in the Qing Dynasty?

no, they did not allow anything but the philosophy of legalism

What Was the ancient chinese emporer Qin's religion?

The religion was Legalism. Actually, Legalism is not a religion. It is a philosophy. There was no real religion in the Qin dynasty, although the emperor did follow the ways of Legalism to rule China.

How many people follow Legalism today?

Legalism is not a religion but rather a term used to describe an over-emphasis on codes of conduct and canons (laws).

Is legalism monotheistic?

Legalism is more of a philosophy than a religion. Legalists believe that obedience and adherence to the laws will bring about salvation, rather than the Grace of God.

What is meant by the word legalism?

The word legalism is used as an expression or a rule. It is a strict adherence to a law or code like religion or morality and gained through good works.

Was legalism founded by a person?

Legalism is not a religion, but rather a judgemental way of looking at life (and in particular, other people's lives). As it is primarily humans that do that, the tendency to be legalistic is exclusively human, but it is not a movement or religion that was "founded". yes it was google it and look at the other wikianswer it gives a better answer then this persons

Where did Legalism?

Legalism is a Chinese philosophy.

What is a sentence for legalism?

In religion, the act of ignoring GOD's grace is legalism

How would you put legalism in a sentence?